The right experience can make a difference for a lifetime.

The mission of Héroes del Mar is to create the next generation of conservationists by providing education and opportunities to the children of small Mexican fishing communities.

We will explore the problems the oceans face and, together, create solutions for sustainability.

What experience did you have as a child that helped make you the person you are today?

2-year old Dora

For me, I come from immigrant parents and began kindergarten without knowing any English. When I was in first grade, I attended a play that opened by eyes to the arts. In first grade, I loved listening to chapter books read by the teacher about other children and their adventures. In fourth grade I got to play the viola which, years later, gave the me the opportunity to go to a university on a music scholarship.

What if those experiences never happened? Where would I be today?

Dora Today

Today I feel privileged to own and operate two liveaboard dive boats in Mexico, dive in some of the worlds most incredible places and met the most amazing people.

I want to help the children of small Mexican fishing communities learn about the ocean so that they can become the conservationists of tomorrow.

I've created Héroes del Mar to give these children the opportunity to go on Quino el Guardian. They will meet and learn from scientists, eco-tourism experts, and business people how to make whatever they do into profitable, sustainable businesses. They will experience how incredible the ocean is and learn why it is so important that it be healthy.


If this dream touches your heart as it does mine, I invite you contribute what you can to make this dream yours. Together we can inspire our young people to challenge themselves and learn they have no limits.

Now is the time for the voice of the sea to speak to the souls of our children.