Photo & Videography Workshop with Samantha Schwann / April 17-26, 2020


April 17-26, 2020
Samantha Schwann
Photo & Videography Workshop
$3300 per person, quad occupancy

Below is in addition to our regular Socorro itinerary.  The addition of Samantha Schwann is provided at no additional charge.  Participate in as much or as little as you like!

Join us for an unforgettable trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site and North America’s largest Marine reserve: Revillagigedo Archipelago.   This tiny chain of volcanic islands is world-class diving filled with big-animal encounters and is a bucket-list trip for photographers and non-photographers alike.

The islands of San Benedicto, Socorro, and Roca Partida lie 240 miles southwest of Cabo San Lucas, and are known for their unique ecosystem, and is sometimes referred to as “little Galapagos”.   The islands are an open-ocean stopping point for large pelagic species such as oceanic manta rays, schooling hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, humpbacks, and even blue whales.  Several species of shark can be seen on every dive, including Galapagos, hammerhead, tiger, silvertip, and white tip.  Socorro island is famous for its pod of friendly dolphins, and the giant mantas of “El Boiler” are an experience not to be missed!

The islands are a world-class dive location as literally anything and everything might show up  - but you have to be there to see it!

Underwater photographer Samantha Schwann will be on board providing camera coaching and instruction for those who wish it – whether you are diving with a GoPro and just looking to capture memories or are armed with the latest mirrorless camera rig and are looking to improve your photography skills.

Optional evening presentations include instruction on camera settings, compositional techniques, planning your shot, telling a “story”, editing techniques, working with big animals, gear maintenance, troubleshooting and more.   On the sail home, participants will have the option of contributing to a group presentation, sharing their favorite images and video from the trip.

“The Breakfast Club” is an informal morning session to talk about the upcoming dives for the day from a photographic perspective, and an opportunity to review the previous day's footage and images, to highlight successes and correct any problems.

About Samantha Schwann:

Samantha Schwann is an award-winning photographic artist based in Tucson, Arizona.  She began diving off the coast of British Columbia Canada as a teenager, earning her Master Instructor rating in 2002.  Starting out as a landscape and abstract photographer in 2010, her passion for the ocean and photography began with the purchase of an underwater housing for her Canon 5DMkIII.

Samantha’s work exhibits in group and solo shows across the USA and Internationally, and her series on ecologically unique areas of the ocean titled “Hope Spots” received two international awards in 2018.  She is a frequent speaker on marine protected areas, specifically those which serve as important sanctuary for sharks.

Her website is:


Below is our scheduled diving itinerary. Weather and sea conditions may require changes to this itinerary. If unique animal sighting opportunities arise, we may suggest alternative options to divers.

Day 1 - Board the boat at 5pm / Dinner is served at 7pm / Boat departs shortly thereafter

Day 2 - At Sea

Day 3 - San Benedicto - 4 dives scheduled

Day 4 - Roca Partida - 3 dives scheduled

Day 5 - Roca Partida - 3 dives scheduled

Day 6 - Socorro Island - 3 dives scheduled (check in with naval station)

Day 7 - Socorro Island - 4 dives scheduled

Day 8 - San Benedicto - 3 dives scheduled - at the end of the day we will start our return to San Jose del Cabo

Day 9 - At Sea

Day 10 - Arrive at San Jose del Cabo in the early morning hours - disembark at 8:30am