Conservation Photography Workshop with Samantha Schwann / April 19-28, 2021


April 19-28, 2021
Samantha Schwann
Photo & Videography Workshop
$3400 per person, quad occupancy

Below is in addition to our regular Socorro itinerary.  The addition of Samantha Schwann is provided at no additional charge.  Participate in as much or as little as you like!

Join photographer Samantha Schwann on an expedition to world-class, big animal diving in the Revillagigedo Archipielago. Samantha will be onboard, continuing a 4-year project concentrating on the ocean's ecologically unique areas, and Socorro is a location so remarkable that she returns every year. Her work has received recognition via 11 international photography awards, was featured by NatGeo YourShot, published in Oceanographic Magazine, and exhibited across the USA and internationally.

Samantha invites photographers and non-photographers alike for a unique behind-the-scenes experience alongside a pro photographer. Enhance your trip to one of the most spectacular locations on the planet:

Evening presentations. Samantha often presents to the public about conservation photography via radio, dive clubs, organizations such as REI, and art venues. She will conduct engaging evening presentations on board Quino el Guardian designed to enrich your experience via images and stories of the marine life and locations in which you will be diving, as well as conservation photography.

Sam will be experimenting and testing specialized equipment at night to attract and document marine life. Working topside from the boat's back deck, she invites guests to join in, either observing or directly participating. Join her for pre-breakfast morning coffee for a casual discussion on the day's photographic goals –approach, specific considerations for the day's dive sites, and problem-solve any issues.

Photo / Video. Whether you just like to document your holidays with a GoPro or are more serious about underwater photography, a few tips and tricks can be a total game-changer on this trip and ones to come. Sam can help with basic settings and, for those interested, will delve into more advanced topics such as composition, editing, color correction, shooting in challenging conditions, and creating a story or series.

About Samantha Schwann:

Samantha Schwann is an award-winning photographic artist based in Tucson, Arizona.  She began diving off the coast of British Columbia Canada as a teenager, earning her Master Instructor rating in 2002.  Starting out as a landscape and abstract photographer in 2010, her passion for the ocean and photography began with the purchase of an underwater housing for her Canon 5DMkIII.

Samantha’s work exhibits in group and solo shows across the USA and Internationally, and her series on ecologically unique areas of the ocean titled “Hope Spots” received two international awards in 2018.  She is a frequent speaker on marine protected areas, specifically those which serve as an important sanctuary for sharks.

Her website is:


Below is our scheduled diving itinerary. Weather and sea conditions may require changes to this itinerary. If unique animal sighting opportunities arise, we may suggest alternative options to divers.

Day 1 - Board the boat at 5pm / Dinner is served at 7pm / Boat departs shortly thereafter

Day 2 - At Sea

Day 3 - San Benedicto - 4 dives scheduled

Day 4 - Roca Partida - 3 dives scheduled

Day 5 - Roca Partida - 3 dives scheduled

Day 6 - Socorro Island - 3 dives scheduled (check in with naval station)

Day 7 - Socorro Island - 4 dives scheduled

Day 8 - San Benedicto - 3 dives scheduled - at the end of the day we will start our return to San Jose del Cabo

Day 9 - At Sea

Day 10 - Arrive at San Jose del Cabo in the early morning hours - disembark at 8:30am