Naturalist & Photography Workshop with Jonathan Lavan / September 8-15, 2019


September 13-20, 2020
Jonathan Lavan
Sea of Cortez / Midriff Islands
Naturalist & Photography Workshop
$2200 per person, quad occupancy

Below is in addition to our regular Sea of Cortez itinerary.  The addition of Jonathan Lavan as a naturalist is provided at no additional charge.  Participate in as much or as little as you like!

The fact that you have no connection to the many tensions of the outside world is just the beginning of the joys you will experience during a week of diving and exploring in the Sea of Cortez and the Midriff Islands. Inexpensive and simple to get to as one has only to fly in to Phoenix and then take the pre-arranged van to Puerto Penasco, the first major port city on the Sea of Cortez. The drive through the beautiful desert is truly amazing and will set the tone for a stellar week of getting back to nature.

Once on board, we will get together to understand what everyone would like to experience on this trip.  Is it to learn about the different animals and their behaviors?  To look for specific species during the dive?  Or just to have a general better understanding of the animals you are seeing during your trip?

Do you want to learn how put together a better photo composition? How to get that "once-in-a-lifetime" shot?

Whether you are a photographer or not, Jonathan will be there to show you animals and things you might not otherwise have noticed.

We will have short, interactive evening presentations on what we saw that day and what we expect to see the next day.

We keep the trip very fluid so we can take advantage of what mother nature brings our way whether it is a giant pod of common dolphins or the possibility of getting in the water with sperm or fin whales.  Or maybe we want to go on a hike on a remote island with incredible views of the sea.  We are here to make the very most of the trip for everyone on board.

We hope you join us to experience this special opportunity to visit the Sea of Cortez!

Visit Jonathan's website to see more wonderful photographs.