Quino el Guardian is available for private charters to Socorro, the Sea of Cortez and throughout Mexico.

The following pricing is INCLUSIVE which means the per day fee includes all fuel, crew and food for up to 16 passengers.

$4,000 per day in the Sea of Cortez

$5,000 per day in Socorro

Embarkation is typically 5pm on the day of departure.  Guests typically depart by 8:30am on the arrival date.  The price per day includes the departure, arrival and all travel days.

Example – if a private charter is to Socorro for 10 days the private charter fee would be as follows:

Day 1 – Embark at 5pm
Day 2 – travel to Socorro
Day 3 – diving
Day 4 – diving
Day 5 – diving
Day 6 – diving
Day 7 – diving
Day 8 – diving
Day 9 – travel
Day 10 – disembark at 8:30am

10 days x $5,000 per day = $50,000

We would love to help you with your private charter!