"The World's Aquarium" - Jacques Cousteau

Sea of Cortez 

With clear, deep waters, abundant sea life, golden sandy beaches and inspiring vistas, the Sea of Cortez - known as the Gulf of California - is a breathtaking destination for scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, boating, and exploring diverse marine creatures. Legendary diver Jacques Cousteau described the Sea of Cortez as the "world's aquarium". Dive on untouched walls and reefs abounding in marine life. Encounter large and small whale species, whale sharks, jumping mobula rays, and sea lion colonies. Hike and explore remote uninhabited islets. Dine under the stars in a calm anchorage, socialize with your shipmates and make new friends. All in a day aboard Quino el Guardian, combined with personalized service to enhance your live aboard safety and fun. Dive into your dreams and see what Sea of Cortez diving is all about.

We have three distinct itineraries for the Sea of Cortez:

Midriff Islands

Explore Baja

Snorkeling with Sperm Whales in the Sea of Cortez on Quino El Guardian September 2016

One of the most exciting parts about diving in the Sea of Cortez is you never know what you are going to find ... or what is going to find you.  It could be a giant pod of dolphins, Orcas or even as you see here ... Sperm whales.