Citizen Science Expeditions aboard Quino El Guardian

Quino El Guardian offers a truly unique experience – our Citizen Science Program. These trips include a marine biologist specializing in subjects such as Mantas, Sharks, Humpback Whales, Marine Mammals, Marine Ecology, Reef Ecology, Invertebrate Ecology, Geology, and more. Included in their research is animal tagging, identification, fish/animal counts, census monitoring, human and climate impact studies, etc.

Much of the information that is collected are included in papers and presentations to governments and NGO's to help with the conservation of these areas and animals. In addition, this information is provided to websites to educate lay persons helping to further conservation awareness.

Divers can be involved as much or as little as they like including hands-on research and presentations.

Join us on one of these amazing expeditions and you will never look at the ocean the same again.

To truly learn more about our program, please watch the below video.


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