Frequently Asked Questions
Citizen Science Expedition

Q:  What is a “Citizen Science” trip?
A:The Citizen Science Program merges marine scientists with enthusiastic and mindful divers who want to make a difference. This program has successfully brought together scientists and volunteer divers to the Socorro Islands to study manta rays and sharks as well as to the Sea of Cortez to study geology and marine ecology. Recreational divers benefit from observing and participating with scientists as they conduct research, assist with tasks, and receive nightly presentations.

Q: Do I need special qualifications to go on this trip?
A: No! All that is required is to be a certified diver and have a love for the ocean. Data collection will be guided by our expert scientists. There will be training dives and nightly presentations to help you feel comfortable working alongside the scientists. You will learn about the ecological context in which animals of the Socorro Islands and the Sea of Cortez live. Potential experiences may include learning how to photo-ID and take skin samples of sharks and mantas.  You can be as involved with the research process as much or as little as you want.

Q: Who is going on this trip?
A: This “citizen science” voyage will be comprised of interested citizen divers like yourself and our scientists, along with our wonderful crew and dive masters.

Q: Where do we go?
A: Trips are scheduled in the Sea of Cortez and Socorro Islands of varying lengths.  Click here for the schedule of Citizen Science trips.  

Q: Does the Citizen Science portion affect how much diving we do?
A: Not at all.  We typically follow the same itinerary as we normally would for that destination.  If it does vary, this will be listed on the trip description. 

Q: Is it okay if I don't want to participate in everything?
A: Of course! You can participate in as much or as little as you like.