We specialize in traveling to Socorro Islands and the Sea of Cortez.  Within the Sea of Cortez we have three destinations: Midriff Islands, Southern Safari and Explore Baja.


November – May

These are a group of four volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean known for their unique ecosystem with Socorro Island being the most diverse in flora, fauna, and topography. The islands lie 250 miles off Baja’s southern shore and are a spectacular magnet for the largest ocean pelagic animals in the world including schooling Hammerhead sharks, Tiger sharks, dolphins, Silky sharks, Galapagos sharks, clouds of Jacks and Barracuda, Tuna, Wahoo, Oceanic White Tip sharks, Silver Tip sharks and Whale sharks. Yet it is the Manta says that are the claim to fame. Humpback whales can often be seen mid-February through mid-April. Guests typically enjoy 4 dives a day at Socorro and San Benedicto and 3 dives a day at Roca Partida. Guests fly in and out of San Jose del Cabo.

SEA OF CORTEZ / Midriff Islands

July – September

Easy to get to yet impossible to forget! With clear, deep waters, abundant sea life, golden sandy beaches and inspiring vistas, the Sea of Cortez – known as the Gulf of California – is a breathtaking destination for scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and exploring diverse marine creatures. Legendary diver Jacques Cousteau described the Sea of Cortez as the “world’s aquarium” because of its incredible diversity and abundance of life. Dive on untouched walls and reefs, encounter large and small whale species, jumping Mobula rays, turtles, and sea lion colonies. Hike and explore remote uninhabited islets and snorkel with Whale sharks at Bahia de Los Angeles. Dine under the stars in a calm anchorage and revel in the remoteness that is the Sea of Cortez. No planes and no other boats … only you, your boatmates, and the animals. Guests typically enjoy 4 dives a day with two night dives. Most guests fly into Phoenix airport and take a 3.5-4 hour shuttle to Puerto Penasco where the boat docks.

SEA OF CORTEZ / Explore Baja

Mid-September – November

Three times a year we offer a very special 13-day trip that covers all of Baja California. Your trip begins at one location and ends at another … Puerto Penasco to San Jose del Cabo or San Jose del Cabo to Puerto Penasco. This is truly an exploration! Each day we move from one island to the next enjoying 3 to 4 dives daily. You can also hike the remote islands during surface intervals, take a dingy ride to shore or kayak around the islands. The biodiversity between the northern and southern Sea of Cortez is incredible and diving the entire Baja is truly a spectacular experience. We often encounter dolphins, sea lions, Pilot whales, Humpback whales, Blue Fin whales, Orca and Sperm whales, flying Mobula rays, Blue and Brown Footed Boobie birds, Cormorants, Frigate birds and Yellow Footed gulls.


Quino el Guardian offers a truly unique experience – our Citizen Science Program. These trips include a marine biologist specializing in subjects such as mantas, sharks, Humpback whales, marine mammals, marine ecology, geology, astronomy and more. Included in their research is animal tagging, identification, fish/animal counts, etc. Divers can be involved as much or as little as they like including hands-on research and presentations.

Citizen Science Expedition schedules and details are updated daily at:


Both Rocio del Mar and Quino el Guardian are also available for custom charters and destinations.


From our captain to our divemasters, our panga drivers to our steward, we work together to make everyone feel as if they are family. The moment guests step aboard, divers notice that they are home. And the food! Our chef works diligently to WOW everyone day after day with amazing entrées and homemade desserts.

WE ARE MEXICO! We know Mexico better than anyone else because we are Mexican and proud to sail under the Mexico flag.