September 12-19, 2021

Sea Lion Rescue Team Expedition
Sea of Cortez / Midriff Islands
$2500 per person, quad occupancy

Join the Experts of the Sea Lion Rescue Team and help monitor and rescue entangled sea lions


Posted September 3, 2021
Due to legal restrictions recently enacted regarding the rescue of sea lions imposed by the environmental authorities PROFEPA (Mexican environmental police), the Team will not be allowed to perform any sea lion rescues during this trip.
However, our experts will still be on board to give you a series of masterclasses regarding the biology, ecology, and the most innovative techniques for the rescue of sea lions. They will also present their documentary called Sea Lion Rescue, where you can see the planning process and execution of the rescue procedures by a multidisciplinary team.
As the actual rescue activities will not be done, there is no additional charge to have the Sea Lion Rescue Team onboard.

About the Trip

Join the fantastic crew of Quino El Guardian and the Sea Lion Rescue Team as we attempt to document and rescue entangled California sea lions throughout the Gulf of California.

California sea lions (Zalophus californianus) are highly intelligent and charismatic marine mammals that inhabit the Gulf of California and the Pacific Coast from Canada to Mexico.

The Midriff Islands in the Sea of Cortez houses several large California sea lion rookeries. That enables the Sea Lion Rescue Team to document entanglements and rescue some of the affected animals along this route.

Sea lions are protected under Mexican law; unfortunately, their populations are currently facing many threats. One of them is the entanglement in fishing gear or sea trash. These entanglements may be life-threatening if unattended. That is why the Sea Lion Rescue Project aims to capture and remove the entanglements from these fantastic creatures, thus contributing to the conservation of the species.

Our experts will focus on looking for entangled sea lions and attempt to rescue as many as possible. The goal is to use the regular diving itinerary at the Midriff Islands while the rescue team visits nearby rookeries looking for entangled sea lions.

Our experts will also be doing presentations throughout the trip and presenting a new documentary on sea lion rescue. These presentations will include but not be limited to:

  • Sea Lion Rescue Project
  • Importance of photography for sea lion rescue activities
  • General aspects of seals and sea lions
  • Tools used for disentanglement
  • Entanglements and other threats to sea lions
  • Conservation medicine applied to sea lions

Check out the trailer for the Sea Lion Rescue documentary to be shown during the trip:


Eréndira Valle Padilla

She is a filmmaker and completed her master's degree in social sciences specializing in environmental history. He has dedicated his work to creating documentaries and television series focusing on the theme of the conservation of the seas, winning different international awards throughout his career. His works are exhibited around the world.

She loves to tell stories of success and joint work of the different social actors in this area, visualizing the importance of collective actions in the search to preserve marine wildlife. The goal is to leave a halo of hope to impact the conscience of those who observe his work positively.

A lover of sea lions, she founded the Sea Lion Rescue Project seven years ago, together with her friend and veterinary partner Daniela Bárcenas de la Cruz that seeks to mitigate the negative impact of fishing.

Daniela Bárcenas de la Cruz

She is a veterinarian and a science teacher. She has dedicated her career to studying sea lions in the wild and her interaction with fisheries. She is a co-founder of the Sea Lion Rescue Project and a pioneer, with more than ten years of experience, in carrying out pinniped rescue techniques in Mexico with remote sedation and using veterinary medicine in wildlife. The rescue project removes from these marine mammals' bodies the fishing nets and marine debris that injure and may even kill them.

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