Who is Quino El Guardian?

Quino El Guardian is a unique dive boat dedicated to fun and learning about the amazing oceans of Mexico. Our destinations are Socorro and the Sea of Cortez. We offer fantastic dive trips to recreational divers as well as Citizen Science expeditions to study sharks, mantas, and marine biodiversity. We have trips for individual divers, charters and even design custom charters. Come dive with us!


Diving Socorro

Mantas, sharks, whale sharks, oh my! Experience the majesty that is Socorro. A breathtaking video by Alfredo Barroso.


Experience a Citizen Science Expedition

A whale shark, manta and dolphins in the same shot?  You bet!  A wonderful video by Michael Pizzi of VibesandHorizons.


Socorro – Above & Below

Enjoy this amazing video showing the beauty of a dive trip to Socorro aboard Quino el Guardian by Steve Peletz and Mikael Gustafson.


Diving the Sea of Cortez

The Sea of Cortez – known as the Gulf of California – is a breathtaking destination for scuba diving, snorkeling, and exploration. Legendary diver Jacques Cousteau described the Sea of Cortez as the “world’s aquarium”. Dive on untouched walls and reefs abounding in marine life. Encounter large and small whale species, snorkel with whale sharks, dive with playful sea lion colonies and see countless eels, octopus, fish and jumping mobula rays.  It’s a macro photographer’s dream with nudibranchs, colorful blennys, dancing jawfish, and sea horses.


World’s Best Dive & Resorts: Quino El Guardian

View the boat, see the amenities and the type of diving you can expect when diving on Quino El Guardian in Socorro and the Sea of Cortez.


Héroes del Mar / Heroes of the Sea

Our hearts belong to the children of Mexico as they are the future of our oceans’ survival.  Help us to give a child an experience to last the ocean’s lifetime.


Dancing By the Moonlight

Okay – it was during the day or you wouldn’t be able to see us!

We love to have fun on Quino El Guardian. During our last trip of the 2017 Socorro spring season, filmmaker Sami Kattan made this video of crew and divers dancing. We had a ball!

Warning: The first 15 seconds is rated PG13 🙂


What is Citizen Science?

Join fellow divers and renowned scientists and take your underwater adventure to a whole new level. Learn about the ocean and its inhabitants by working side by side with scientists as they study sharks, giant manta rays, reefs, invertebrates, mammals, and all aspects of our undersea world. Experience Quino El Guardian’s Citizen Science Expeditions and dive with a purpose!


Snorkeling with Sperm Whales

In the Sea of Cortez, you never know what you are going to see. In September 2016, we had the privilege of snorkeling with sperm whales! Check this out. Thank you, Todd Kortte for this amazing video!


Explore Baja on Quino

Explore the entire length of Baja!  September and October is the perfect time of year to experience all that the Sea of Cortez has to offer.  Enjoy this video from 2016.